self with three ears

Self With Three Ears

Oil on prepared handmade paper

35 x 27 cm


Theory and painting: Not all painters are interested in theories, nor in their work embodying ideas; some actively reject this possibility. I generally dislike prescriptive attitudes and think many options are valid in the sisyphean construction of meaning. I am excited by the pure materiality of paint and the technicalities of painting as a language, but I also thrive on the philosophy surrounding painting and the conceptual tensions figuration -to use an expedient word- embodies. Here I will share some thoughts on painting as a discipline, on my painting in general and on specific works, as well as sharing some of the insights I have gained about various technical issues which may be of interest and use to others.



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Sections, which will be added soon, include:
Why the Absurd?
Visual Thinking: The Theory Behind My Teaching Methodology
Theorising Praxis
Truth or Als Ich Kan: The Deconstruction of a Painting
How aphantasia affects my work and process